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Feb 11, 2019

We finally decided that Mr Black from our Tracker & Rocket litter will stay with us.

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Mr Black

Oct 14, 2018

Mr Black is still available for a hunting or performance home.

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Ember left Us

Oct 13, 2018

Ms Yellow is the last girl who found her family. She will live in Vermont.

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Findlay found his Family

Oct 13, 2018

Mr Green is the next boy who moved to his forever home. He found his place in Massachusetts.

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We continued to perform in AKC and HRC field events and had with Essex our second litter.

2013 Litter - Our Puppies are One Week Old

Nov 25, 2013

Our eight puppies are doing well and they grow fast and steadily. They are close to doubling their birth weights.

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2013 Litter - Our Puppies Arrived

Nov 18, 2013

Essex whelped eight healthy puppies this morning between 3:45am and 8:45am. We look forward to exciting moments in the next eight weeks.

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2013 Litter - X-rays

Nov 12, 2013

We did X-rays today. Our vet counted a normal amount of puppies. Essex still feels comfortable. It's another week to go until she is due for her puppies.

2013 Litter - Ultrasound

Oct 21, 2013

We are very happy about the result of Essex' ultrasound examination. She is preagnant. We look forward to the remaining time of her pregnancy. Essex' puppies are due on November 19th.

HRC Hunt Test

Sep 29, 2013

Mystic passed her HRC Started tests in Manorville, LI. With her 4th leg, Mystic titled and is now SHR Old Lyme's All Agog Mystic WC.

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