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Feb 11, 2019

We finally decided that Mr Black from our Tracker & Rocket litter will stay with us.

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Mr Black

Oct 14, 2018

Mr Black is still available for a hunting or performance home.

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Ember left Us

Oct 13, 2018

Ms Yellow is the last girl who found her family. She will live in Vermont.

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Findlay found his Family

Oct 13, 2018

Mr Green is the next boy who moved to his forever home. He found his place in Massachusetts.

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We spent 2010 in Germany and had with Euphrosine our first litter.

2010 Litter - Second Week

Aug 03, 2010

Our puppies are two weeks old today. All of them have her eyes open now. Also, they start trying to move on paws.

2010 Litter - Our Puppies are One Week old

Jul 27, 2010

They are healthy and weigh in nearly twice as much as they had at birth.

2010 Litter - Our Puppies have been Born

Jul 20, 2010

Today, Euphrosine whelped her puppies. Between 1pm and 6pm, she gave birth to five boys and one girl. They are doing very well and we are extremly happy with our first litter. We will take much pleasure in raising these puppies within the next eight weeks.

Workingtest "Clauert Cup" in Trebbin

Jul 10, 2010

Belana and Essex had a lot of fun at the Clauert Cup. Essex passed her first Workingtest in Germany in the Junior stake with a great result: "Very Good".

2010 Litter Plans - Ultrasound

Jun 15, 2010

Wir are thrilled about Euphrosine's ultrasound examination. She is preagnant and we are going to have our first litter in a few weeks.

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