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The first Teeth

Dec 22, 2022

... start to cut through.

Impressions from Week Three

Dec 20, 2022

Our puppies are three weeks old now. It's been an exiting third week and it is very interesting to see how these little fur babies learn something new every day.

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Lunch Time

Dec 19, 2022

Our puppies have grown fast. They are now able to walk and use their senses to explore their surroundings. But, eating is still the most important task.

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At the Beginning of Week 3 - Let the Fun begin

Dec 14, 2022

Eating - sleeping - eating - sleeping ... and from now on playing.

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We spent 2010 in Germany and had with Euphrosine our first litter.

Leaving Germany

Dec 22, 2010

We are moving back to the United States taking all of our dogs with us: Belana, Sine, Essex, and Mystic and Chester, the two uppies we kept from our 2010 litter. This will bring our family together again in Old Lyme, Connecticut

We look forward to living in New England in the North East of the USA where we expect many exciting and interesting things to happen.

We wish all of our regular or secret readers as well as those who found us by serving the web Happy Christmas and all the best for the next year.

Training with Jana Oettel

Dec 05, 2010

Today was our last training with Essex' breeder Jana Oettel in Weinböhla. During the course of the year 2010, Essex and I have had many great and interesting training days. In 2010, as well as in previous years, we have learned a lot about how to train a dog to become a successful retriever.

Training Days in Wiesbaden and Abtweiler

Nov 06, 2010

Essex and I participated in a series of training days: Retriever Training Spezial, Walk-up & Drive, Mark & Memories

Essex passed the "APD/A" Test.

Oct 24, 2010

We went to Leipzig to attend with Essex our very first official field test held by our breeding club Deutscher Retriever Club e.V. Proudly, we finished the Beginner's test with a "Very Good" score. Essex is now eligible to start at Workingtests in the Beginer's stake.

"Dummy & Distraction"

Sep 18, 2010

Essex and I had an exciting day at the seminar "Dummy & Distraction" which we decided to attend at short notice.

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