Fenwick whelped four healthy boys on October 26, 2021. We are excited to raise these wonderful and energetic puppies to be family and performance dogs.

URO2 HR Adirondac Tracks in the Wilderness CD RE MH18 CCA WCX VC - "Tracker"


Old Lyme's Courageous Girl Fenwick WCX


Adirondac Tracks in the Wilderness     Old Lyme's Courageous Girl Fenwick
Old Lyme's Golden Retriever Puppies, CT
* 01-24-2014     * 06-19-2015

MARC MAI 2021 Qualifier

HD: Good
OFA GR-116496G27M-VPI
ED: Normal
Eye: Clear 06/2020
Cardiac: Normal
OFA GR-CA30129/25M/C-VPI
NCL: Normal/Clear
OFA GR-CL5-461/60M-PI
  (Golden Retriever Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscnosis)

Prcd-PRA: Clear
Ichthyosis: Clear


HD: Good
OFA GR-128446G56F-VPI
ED: Normal
Eye: Clear 08/2021
Cardiac: Normal
NCL: Normal/Clear
OFA GR-CL5-2290/56F-PI
  (Golden Retriever Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscnosis)

Prcd-PRA: Clear
GR_PRA1: Clear
GR_PRA2: Clear
Ichthyosis: Carrier
DM: Clear

For Fenwick's first litter we chose Tracker again who comes from an outstanding American breeding line. He sired our 2018 Rocket & Tracker Litter, and we are highly pleased with these puppies. Tracker is a very talented and owner-handled Field Trial Golden. The puppies from this litter will have great temperaments, but they will need both, appropriate exercises and mental activities. We expect well tempered, easy to train Golden Retrievers. They will be great field/hunting dogs, as well as mellow family companions.

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