Essex whelped seven healthy puppies on March 11, 2017 - three females and four males.

Firemark Gunsmoke's Lawman WCX ** - "Dillon"



Firemark Gunsmoke's Lawman     TQ Essex
Old Lyme's Golden Retriever Puppies, CT
Old Lyme's Golden Retriever Puppies, CT
* 04-02-2010     * 02-21-2009
WCX **

HD: Good, OFA GR-110717G24M-VPI
ED: Normal, OFA GR-EL31055M24-VPI
Eye: Clear 04/2016, OFA GR-EYE9795/47M-VPI
Normal, GR-CA29597/34M/C-VPI

Prcd-PRA: Clear, GR_PRA1: Clear, GR_PRA2: Clear, Ichthyosis: Carrier
    MH WCX

HD: Excellent; OFA GR-106871E43F-VPI
ED: Normal; OFA GR-EL27563F43-VPI
Eye: Clear 03/20165, OFA GR-EYE812/72F-VPI
Normal, OFA GR-CA23413/36F/C-VPI

Prcd-PRA: Clear, GR_PRA1: Clear, Ichthyosis: Carrier

For Essex's second litter we chose Dillon who comes from an outstanding American breeding line. Dillon is a very talented and owner-handled Field Trial Golden who took fourth place at the Shoreine Golden Retriever Qualifying Test in September 2016. The puppies from this litter will have great temperaments, but they will need both, appropriate exercises and mental activities. We expect well tempered, easy to train Golden Retrievers. They will be great field/hunting dogs, as well as mellow family companions.

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