Old Lyme’s A'Ivo

Oct 11, 2010

aka Mr White moves to Zeithain. Best wishes to him, so that he and his new family can look forward to enjoying a longlasting and healthy lifetime.

Old Lyme’s Aspiring Apache - "Bruno"

Sep 17, 2010

aka Mr Green says Good Buy! Have a good trip to Berlin, little chief. We wish Bruno and his family a long healthy and loving live together.

Old Lyme's All Agog Mystic & Old Lyme's Amiable Chester

Sep 15, 2010

aka Ms Orange & Mr Brown stay with our family and look forward to their relocation to Old Lyme, CT.

Old Lyme’s Awesome Faro

Sep 14, 2010

aka Mr Red leaves us first. All the best to Faro and his new family in Bad Blankenburg! We wish all of you a lot of fun.

Official Litter Inspection

Sep 11, 2010

Today, our litter had it's final verification by a Breed Ward association inspector of our breeding club. Each puppy has now it's specific name. It's only three days from today that they can move to their new homes.