Old Lyme's Breakwater Light MH WCX

The Faithful Girl

Rocket is the puppy we picked from our 2013 Essex & Ranger litter. Born as the last puppy of the litter, she swept us off our feet immediately.

She has turned out to be all that we had hoped for. Rocket is a very talented, balanced Golden and it has been a wonderful experience working with such a special girl so far.

Rocket was named after the Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse, which we can see from our home, located at the mouth of the Connecticut River near the town of Old Saybrook.

Like her mother, Rocket is born to retrieve. Therefore, she is quick and has an excellent nose. In addition, she is an exceptional marking dog as well as a team player, who always wants to please.

In summer 2015, Rocket earned her AKC Junior Hunter title, passing four tests in a row continuing with four Senior hunt test passes within two weekends in the consecutive year.

Rocket run and passed her first Master test in August 2017 earning her title in October the same year, which was a huge accomplishment. In fall 2017, she won the Southern Berkshire GRC Qualifying Stake Field Trial. In February 2018, we went to Jacksonville, FL and Rocket received her qualification for the 2018 Master Amateur Invitational.

In May 2018, we went to Sedalia, MO to participate in the second Master Amateur Invitational. This was our first Master National event, and I had no idea what to expect. From the Saturday night opening party to the final awards ceremony the 2018 Master Amateur Invitational was exciting, challenging, exhausting, and most of all, fun! Rocket passed all six of her tests in Flight B and is now 2018 MAI Finisher.

In June of 2018, we bred Rocket to the very talented, young Golden Retriever Adirondac Tracks in the Wilderness "Tracker". We are very excited and look forward to another litter of field/hunting puppies in mid-August 2018.